A show featuring some of the greatest minds of our time. 


Rebirthing The Public Intellectual

What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

Are we in a simulation?

How do we mitigate existential risk? 

What do we do about wealth inequality?

What is time?

What do you believe that only 1% of people believe?

How do we maximize human potential?

Are we alone in the cosmos?

Who will teach AI ethics?

How do we modernize democracy?

What is consciousness?

How do we balance the "we are one"
mentality with geopolitical leadership?

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About Simulation

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Allen Saakyan is the host/executive producer.
Ron Vargas is the producer/director.
Alfredo Cisneros is the producer/editor.
Elisa Cicinelli is the portrait photographer. 
Anthony Carosella is the event photographer.
Paul Spiegel is the legal counsel. 

A team of specialists & volunteers help make Simulation a reality. Interested in behind-the-scenes participation?


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