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A show featuring some of the greatest scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and educators of our time. 


Simulation is designing the test track for the world's most brilliant minds. 

What does that mean? Not only do we facilitate discussions that inspire people across the world to have more thought-provoking conversations about our future, but we support global leaders by expanding their minds to new dimensions and challenges our world is engaged in. On Simulation, our guests will dive deep into their area of expertise while also spending time with questions they are less familiar with -- these are the Simulation questions:

  1. How do we maximize human potential?
  2. What do we do about wealth inequality?
  3. Are we alone in the cosmos?
  4. Who will teach robots ethics?
  5. How can democracy be modernized?
  6. What is consciousness?
  7. Are we in a computer simulation?

…and The List goes on.

We produce an online show as well as host live events. All our content can be viewed on our YouTube channel


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We have hosted some of the world's most brilliant minds!

Jordan Peterson, Joon Yun, Paul Pangaro, Liza Lichtinger, Aubrey de Grey, Andra Keay, Reese Jones, Jake Ward, Chester Santos, Stu Zimmerman, and many more!

Jordan Peterson Live in San Francisco, CA


Liza Lichtinger on Emotions & Behavior


Paul Shapiro on Clean Meat & Future of Food Sustainability



About Simulation

Allen Saakyan started Simulation to get answers to humanity's most thought provoking questions and to inspire people to build the future of civilization.

Allen is a polymath, empath, and science communicator propelling world peace & sustainable colonization of planets and stars. He hosts and produces Eureka! science comedy shows and Worlds Fair future festivals. 

A team of volunteers & specialists helps make Simulation a reality. Interested in behind-the-scenes participation? Email simulationseries@gmail.com