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We interview the greatest minds & synthesize science + spirituality. Universe design is the best sport 🌎

We aim to permanently AWAKEN humanity to its collective union with evolution, create the world’s largest open knowledge database, and provide equal degrees of economic freedom for everyone to self-actualize.

None of our content will ever be paywalled. We plan to fill sports stadiums with curious intellectuals, build creative studios, and execute the next generation of planetary architectures that maximize collective flourishing.


Rebirthing The Public Intellectual

What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

Are we in a simulation?

How do we mitigate existential risk? 

What do we do about wealth inequality?

What is time?

What do you believe that only 1% of people believe?

How do we maximize human potential?

Are we alone in the cosmos?

Who will teach AI ethics?

How do we modernize democracy?

What is consciousness?

How do we balance the "we are one"
mentality with geopolitical leadership?

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Allen Saakyan | host/executive producer
Ori Shapira | co-producer
Elisa Cicinelli | portrait photographer
Anthony Carosella | event photographer
Paul Ouellette | cinematographer/video editor
Paul Spiegel | legal counsel

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