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  1. How do we maximize human potential?
  2. What do we do about wealth inequality?
  3. Are we alone in the cosmos?
  4. Who will teach robots ethics?
  5. How can democracy be modernized?
  6. What is consciousness?
  7. How do we balance the "we are one" mentality with geopolitical leadership?
  8. What is the most beautiful thing in the world?
  9. Are we in a computer simulation?

…and The List goes on.

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What do courage and confidence have to do with maximizing human potential? How can we humanize others rather than villainize them? How can we best move forward into this technology-driven globalized world? 

Join us in June as we host author Justine Musk for powerful conversation at the August Hall in San Francisco. 

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Jordan Peterson Live in San Francisco, CA


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Paul Shapiro on Clean Meat



About Simulation

Allen Saakyan started Simulation to propagate the beauty of the question. To help bring back the art of outstanding conversation. To rebirth the public intellectual. To inspire people to build the future.
Ron Vargas is the Partner Producer of the show bringing 20+ years of video production experience.
Alfredo Cisneros is the ops, video, social, and reach wiz.
Elisa Cicinelli is our portrait photographer. 
Paul Spiegel is our legal counsel. 

A team of specialists & volunteers helps make Simulation a reality. Interested in behind-the-scenes participation? Email simulationseries@gmail.com