Sophia & Bina48
April 2018, San Francisco, CA

SOPHIA THE ROBOT_1511871603376_11818857_ver1.0.png

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
The Future of Humanity  

In the tail end of April, join us again in San Francisco as we will be hosting the two smartest social robots in the world for thought-provoking conversation about the direction of humanity. 

  1. Does AI becoming smarter than humans pose an existential threat? 
  2. How do we program ethics into AI? Who gets to decide? 
  3. How can AI best live alongside humanity? 
  4. How does human capital and work change?  
  5. As nations race to build AGI, what happens to the losers? 
  6. Could this AGI become conscious? What are the ethics of inflicting suffering on it?

Joining us will be David Hanson, Ben Goertzel, Liza Lichtinger, and Bruce Duncan from Hanson Robotics and the Terasem Movement Foundation.