The List


"Best Questions Ever."
–Tim Draper, Founder DFJ


Do you believe we are alone in the cosmos?

"What a waste of space that'd be."
–Paul Shapiro, VP Policy Humane Society USA

Do you believe we are in a computer simulation?

Do you believe we are alone in the universe?

Do you believe advanced civilizations are roaming the cosmos?

Do you believe in the sustainable colonization of planets and stars? 

Do you believe consciousness is localized in the human nervous system?

When do you believe consciousness enters and leaves the body?

Do you believe a baby is conscious in the womb?

Do you believe there is significance to experiencing deja vu? 

Do you believe in free will or determinism?

Do you believe biochemical algorithms drive our actions?

Do you believe in collectivism or individualism?

Do you believe the Earth is alive? 

Do you believe there is a global ruling elite? Should one endeavor to join it?

Do you believe the US should lead the rest of the world? 

Do you believe AGI (artificial general intelligence) poses an existential threat to humanity?

Do you believe humans will be able to become self-actualized after the proliferation of automation? How will education and human capital adapt?

Do you believe in falling in lifelong love with an AI?

Do you believe humans will pay more for AI doctors? AI musicians?

Do you believe a utopic civilization would still need money?

Do you believe humans will always have to work? Do you believe humans will always want to work?

Do you believe the rapid accumulation of global debt through fiat currencies and quantitative easing will inevitably cause economic collapse?

Do you believe the Rothschild's are a trillionaire family who own the centralized banks in every country?

Do you believe leading technology companies should control their algorithms so they don't make recommendations fostering hate culture?

Do you believe leading tech companies practice planned obsolescence?

Do you believe that the fingerprint and facial scans they collect go to the NSA?

Do you believe in the decentralization of government and banking entities with technologies like blockchain?

Do you believe in biometrics, voting records, finances, etc. all being kept on the blockchain? 

Do you believe anthropogenic global warming is causing catastrophic climate change?

Do you believe the environment needs saving?

Do you believe ignorance is a choice?

What do you believe is the most beautiful thing in the world? 

What single change from primates to humans do you most attribute to our evolution?

Do you believe humans will undergo further speciation? 

Do you believe in the merging of humans with machines?

Do you believe genetic engineering and neural prosthetics will exacerbate wealth inequality?

Do you believe we should trust the first brain-to-cloud interfaces?

How do you believe we will conquer quantum mechanics & computing? 

Do you believe robots will be taught ethics?

Will robots be taught ethics by programmers, investors, governments, or who?

Who will be left responsible for decisions made in issues like the trolley problem?

In a runaway trolley, would you run over Elon Musk or five service industry workers?

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Do you believe in human immortality?

Do you believe there is a difference between life and not life?

Do you believe in souls?

Do you believe we should colonize Mars globally or nationally?

How do you divide up the airspace for an automated global logistics network?

Do you believe in linear time or is it simply a human experience?

Do you believe all humans go through vicissitudes of neurosis?

Do you believe in rehabilitating criminals instead of punishing them?

Do you believe in the use of virtual experiences for curbing villainous behavior like murder and pedophilia?

Do you believe there is something to learn from mass murderers, serial killers, and genocide leaders?

Do you believe in eugenics?

Do you believe genders and races posses ideal traits? 

Do you believe the democratic election process needs modernization?

Do you believe political correctness restricts freedom of speech?

Do you believe government regulations put too much restriction on innovation?

Do you believe in nuclear fusion as an energy source for civilization?

Do you believe in harvesting the power of stars with Dyson spheres? 

Do you believe in clean meat? 

Do you believe eating animal products causes pathology?

Do you believe in longitudinal testing before we adopt insect, disease, and drought resistant GMOs in our food?

Do you believe in engineering perfect growing environments for organic produce?

Do you believe intermittent fasting prolongs life?

Do you believe in tissue engineering human organs?

Do you believe in bioengineering an inferior species and enslaving them as human capital? 

Do you believe meditation eradicates suffering?

Do you believe in world peace?

Do you believe 9/11 should be a closed case?

Do you believe MAD (mutually assured destruction) is an increasing or decreasing problem for society?

Do you believe a utopic civilization would still need weapons? 

Do you believe the world is headed towards population stabilization?

Do you believe teleportation is a plausible form of transportation? 

Do you believe in location agnosticism after the proliferation of indistinguishable virtual realities? 

Do you believe humanity should provide water, food, energy, education, and healthcare to all?

Do you believe parents should be the primary teachers of their children? 

Do you believe in bridging the gap of inequality?

Do you believe that UBI (universal basic income) can sustain a post-work world?

Do you believe our data has enough value to provide each individual with sufficient UBI? 

Do you believe love is harder than rocket science?


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